A Special Note About the "Liquid Glass" Illusion

"I am the only authorized builder of the Liquid Glass illusion in the world. The price is $3,900.00 USD for the illusion, one ATA case it travels in, and the design rights to Jim Steinmeyer. Shipping from my California work shop is not included. The illusion travels in a small 36"-36"-8" case and weighs about 80 Lbs. It is very practical for a illusion that can play well in a large venue or up close. The illusion can not be performed surrounded. In the 1990's Jim Steinmeyer and myself advanced the illusion off of Peter Warlocks small table top glass penetration with the permission of Peter who has now passed away. I have a letter from Peter in my office granting his approval of the creation of the Liquid Glass illusion. In addition, even though I have built this illusion for many years, there is no video of it being performed."-William Kennedy

Liquid Glass2.JPG